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About Mt. Norway Fabrication, LLC

Mt. Norway Fabrication, LLC (MtNF) was founded in 2011. However, the foundation of excellence and quality started many years before when the owner of MtNF, Steven Koch, began working for an aluminum extrusion company called Sapa Profiles Inc. (now Hydro) as a project manager.

While employed by Sapa, Steven was mentored by an expert who had been in the aluminum manufacturing business since the early 80’s. One of Sapa’s product lines, Industrial Products, included the fabrication of bus shelters, wastewater treatment plant railing, and the railing and fencing found on bridges and overpass barriers. In 2011, Sapa decided to return to extruding only, eliminating manufacturing. This is when MtNF was founded, and the Industrial Product line was purchased from Sapa. Since then, MtNF prides itself on professionalism, industry knowledge, workmanship, and service to its customers whether it is for a small project or projects managed by multiple corporations.

MtNF partners with Oregon and Washington Transportation Department certified suppliers and vendors, making sure that all projects go smoothly and most importantly, ship on time.